Episode 1 - “Whiskey Flight”

Dana’s hungover, Alison’s high, and Sarah's pissed - a great start to the day for
the waitresses at White Ridge Country Club.

Episode 2 - “Triangle”

Alison and Dana do their best to resist the Donut Guy’s creme-filled charms and
the summer's officially started - the Stand Six girls have arrived.

Episode 3 - “Reward”

Dana meets up with secret boyfriend/club member Daniel in the men’s lounge.
What could go wrong?

Episode 4 - “Smoky Treat”

Alison and Dana go into damage control mode and Sarah has a little chat with
the Stand Six girls.

Episode 5 - “Rotgut”

Jeff calls a staff meeting to discuss the night’s upcoming “Twilight”-themed wedding. Dana and Daniel run into each other after the disaster in the men’s lounge.

Episode 6 - “The Smart Decision”

Sarah and Dana have it out with the Stand Six girls and Josh serenades Alison
on the loading dock.