I wrote and created “The Club” to commemorate my years of waitressing at two different country clubs in Michigan and the constantly revolving cast of fascinating people I met along the way. Being that most of us were young and free of serious commitments, there was never a shortage of on-the-job romances between employees or the members or any combination thereof.

Not unlike any other group of co-workers, there was plenty of after-work drinking and drugs and regretful make-outs, but what made the country club environment special is that everyone worked as a team. When one person showed up drunk for work, the rest of the chain needed to be stronger to make up for the weak link. If that dynamic isn’t there, you have a weak team, and a weak team is no fun. These clubs are the only places I’ve worked where friendships are forged and drama is not just an unwanted byproduct of the environment, it’s practically a requirement  for this place to function at its best.

–Susan Athey, creator of “The Club”


club poster